Great Perks Business Owners Can Offer Their Teams

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Business owners looking for creative perks to offer their employees have many options to choose from. Yes, every employee should have access to a good benefits package. But beyond this, you can invest in their wellness and performance while earning their continued loyalty in diverse ways. From assisting them in their career growth to encouraging them in their self-care, employers are finding that non-wage offerings beyond the basics can make a noteworthy positive contribution to company culture.

Here are some of the ways you, as a business owner, can provide your teams with added perks and incentives.

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Additional training

Employees who have access to diverse training resources will benefit your business in a myriad of ways. No one wants to stagnate in their career; added training will help them find renewed motivation. It will help them reduce stress as they gain valuable skills to help them achieve their goals in the workplace and elsewhere. Of course, extra training looks great on a resume and will raise their earning potential. It’s a plus that these benefits to employees tend to trickle back to your company as your teams gain renewed initiative, solutions, and problem-solving skills. Some options for additional training include conferences, seminars, workshops, and career coaching packages.

Continuing education

Offering your employees opportunities that help them further their education is another way you can provide them with perks that will pay off in their lives and for your business. Helping an employee with tuition for an online degree is one way you can help them in this area. Pursuing continuing education online allows busy workers to balance the demands of the job with the obligations of home life, and with a degree in a field such as accounting or communications, they will have access to new valuable skills. Your business could also make student loan repayment programs available, or you could help them pursue education through additional courses and certifications.

Fitness programs

Many team members who want to make fitness a priority may find it difficult due to their work schedules, home obligations, or because they’re trying not to spend extra money. You can help them achieve fitness goals which will get them feeling better physically and mentally and add to their confidence and vigor at work and elsewhere. Giving them discounts on gym memberships can make it easier for them to fit workouts into their schedule. You may even decide to put in an onsite gym or fitness center. Another option would be to invest in yoga or other classes onsite.

Nutritional programs

Employees may also enjoy the opportunity to eat a more nutritious diet. No matter how determined people are to eat well, a busy work schedule makes it easy to slip into unhelpful habits. Added education about nutrition is useful, but real material opportunities to enjoy healthy meals at work are even better. Stocking the pantry or break room with healthy snacks and beverages is one good idea. Also, consider providing catered lunches with healthy and nutritious options.

Holistic wellness

There are other ways you can invest in your employees’ overall well-being. Providing onsite counseling sessions can help them achieve a better quality of life and cope with different stressors at work or at home. Encourage your team members to practice their preferred methods of self-care, too, and keep spaces available for them to do so. You may even want to help them by investing in a spa day or specific treatments. Treat them to a massage for stress relief and overall physical well-being.

All these perks not only help your team members; they also benefit your company. Happier and healthier workers are more enthusiastic and productive, and everyone will enjoy the workplace culture more. Nonetheless, it’s important to value your employees even without the added consideration of how doing so helps the company.

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